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Polycarbonate, smoke hatches, skylights

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Policarbonat, trape, accesorii

Swiss quality

The largest part of the polycarbonate provided by Makroplast comes from Switzerland. We offer great attention to quality and we guarantee for the provided solution, ever since 1993

850 000 mp

Numbers indicate that we are one of the largest importers of polycarbonate in Romania and the most eligible provider. 850 000 sq.m of polycarbonate provided since 1993 up to now.

Since 1993

In more than 20 years of activity we participated in the formation and development of the polycarbonate market in Romania. We provided polycarbonate equivalent to the surface of 1307 football pitches.

Makroplast – polycarbonate, smoke hatches, accessories

Makroplast is a division of Aluterm Group which provides products and full services destined for the market of polycarbonate plates, smoke hatches and sunshades. High quality (imported from Switzerland), always available in stock, and always the best price, this is the promise that we have been keeping ever since 1993. Makroplast is among the first polycarbonate importers in Romania.

What makes us different

We are unique, due to our people, mission and how we interact with partners, customers and providers:

  • Since 1993

    Makroplast offers a wide range of products, and the technical and commercial expertise of the team. We are counting on availability and professionalism, we are capable to find a solution to any demand, requirement or technical dilemma, in the field of residential applications, commercial projects and industrial constructions.

  • Makroplast engineers

    The portfolio, including high complexity projects, reliability and aesthetic qualities of the products, as well as the skills of the teams represent guarantees supporting our position of ideal partner on the polycarbonate market.

  • Innovation

    Polycarbonate is the material that allows vanguard constructions. At the same time, it is an ecological solution, in terms of energy required for production, recycling possibilities and thermal and sound insulation. In the last few years, we have participated in projects of modern architecture, based on polycarbonate (details).

  • Distribution network

    Aluterm owns 4 regional warehouses located in Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara and Bacau. In addition to these, we have a large distribution network across the country. Thus, we are able to provide a prompt and professional response to the needs of our customers.

  • Consulting

    Our teams provide assistance for customers from the early stages of the project – Makroplast engineers get involved from the early stages, facilitating the decision making process, in terms of efficiency of costs and working time, as well as in terms of technical solutions.

  • Specialized training sessions

    We are constantly investing in programs of professional development for our partner companies and for our employees, aiming at the continuous development of the teams by means of technical and commercial training sessions, held locally or abroad.

Official page of the Makroplast Division – polycarbonate, smoke hatches, accessories.

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