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Opening ways

We believe in innovation and in the idea of bringing new technologies and solution son the Romanian market. In 2010 we started a new project – Parkomatic.

International expertise

The Zeag Swiss partnership ensures the Parkomatic division the expertise to develop projects in Romania in an optimal manner.

Tens of projects in Romania

The Parkomatic Projecy was born in 2010, and up to now, we have accomplished a series of projects in various cities across the country.

Parkomatic – automatic parking lots

Parkomatic is a division of Aluterm Group which offers full solutions destined for the market of automatic parking lots. We responsibly undertake the position of company opening the way in the field of automatic parking lots as well. We understand the specificity of each need and we develop the optimal project, depending on expectations and standards required by the beneficiary.

What makes us different

We offer great attention to the design phase and for each project, we manage to offer the best price, correlated with the expectations of the customer.

Parkomatic provides a wide range of products integrated in your automated system for parking lots, so that it successfully meets your requirements and standards, in terms of equipment and accessorizing: plate number recognition, guiding system inside the parking lot, video surveillance. These are only a few of the facilities that our systems can offer, for more details, please contact our engineers.

Post-installation services

Parkomatic offers full post-installation services as well. We are the reliable partner in ensuring optimal conditions of use of our automatic parking lot solutions. Thus, we go beyond the simple maintenance of equipment and we ensure, by means of a contract or on request,  training sessions for our customers and 24/7 emergency assistance. The technical teams have a solid experience and can provide support for our customers at any location, nationwide. Thus, the investment you make, increases its value due to the availability of the most complex and rapid post-sale services.

The location management system that you benefit from, by choosing the Parkomatic solutions, is the instrument that brings multiple advantages: user access based on monthly subscription or based on unique entering ticket, payment at manual or automatic meters, in cash or using the bank card, and also various loyalty methods for users or separate management of parking areas destined for certain types of users. The location management system shall be configured depending on the project and standards required by the customer.

The elements of the intelligent parking lot system are: entrance and exit terminals, with automatic barriers on the tracks, automatic and/or manual payment meter, computer/ server, peripherals and dedicated software, along with all the optional accessories desired.

The projects that we have accomplished up to now, stand as proof for our team’s high professionalism, as well as capacity to respond to any kind of need, to design and build small size projects or very large size projects.

Official page of the Parkomatic Division – automatic parking lots.

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