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Automation of access ways

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Automatizarea cailor de acces

Quality guarantee

For 20 years we rely on the best European producers, we count on exceptional quality and on finding the optimal solution for each project.


Always ready to deliver our solutions as quickly as possible. Thus, for a wide range of products we have stocks in the national warehouses of Aluterm Group.

Since 1993

Siatec engineers have more than 20 years of experience in the field. They are the best, and the thousands of projects across the country in which they have been involved stand as proof.

Siatec – the specialists of automatic entrances

Due to our wide experience we can undertake to offer the optimal solution for each project, in terms of quality, safety, resistance and comfort. The large number of projects, counting more than 1000, for which we have provided automation, can confirm this strength.

What makes us different

We are different due to our people, our mission and how we interact with our partners, customers and providers:

  • The best engineers

    Because we were the ones to open the automation market in Romania, we have a mature technical team, and experienced engineers.

  • Performance

    Our purpose is to provide solutions, in addition to high quality products, with us you will find  highly qualified engineers who will assist you in order to obtain the optimal solutions.

  • Solutions

    Due to the status of sole importer of DITEC in Romania and multiple partnerships with a series of European producers, we offer competitive prices and the widest range of solution for the automation of access ways.

  • Experience

    For more than 20 years, we have provided solutions for over 1500 projects, therefore, not only do we have the experience, but also portfolio of works that certify the high standards of our work.

  • Cooperation

    Our company has the largest number of partners on the market of access ways automation because we proved our professionalism and ability to offer solutions.

  • Optimization

    The access to the solutions of our partner companies from Europe and the experience of our engineers help us always find the optimal solution even in case of budget restrictions or technical invoice.

Siatec division official page – the specialists of automatic entrances.

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