Building together for 20 years!

The story of this company begins in 1993 in Cluj, when a group of visionary people anticipate the need for innovation and the rapid degree of specific development in the field of constructions. Things evolved as expected. By providing innovating solutions, through partnerships with external providers and guaranteeing the high quality, the company grew quickly, and by 2013 it had participated in more than 1500 national projects. On an expanding market, in the context of amplification of the technical development process, the company has known a continuous development. In 2005 the identity of Aluterm is transformed, the main sales directions become independent divisions, with their own specialists.   The greatest satisfaction is when you succeed in building something, something that lasts and which manages to change the lives of people for the better. We have succeeded. For us, constructions represent a space for living and, therefore, our mission has always been to offer reliable products necessary for their development. This approach, correlated with a good collaboration with the partner companies, has brought us here, to our 20th anniversary.

Andreea Strugaru, Managing Partner, Aluterm Group

Today, Aluterm Group owns 4 divisions:


Siatec – a division of Aluterm Group which is specialized in access ways automation. Siatec is the market leader in terms of access ways automation, providing equipment and expertise for more than 1 000 projects. In 2013 Siatec has over 400 national and international collaborators and partners. Siatec products range include: automation for gates, automatic doors, automatic barriers, industrial doors, fireproof doors, sectional and lifting garage doors, drive systems for windows, full docking systems, full range of accessories for all these enumerated types of equipment.


Makroplast – is the division which provides products and full services on the market of polycarbonate plates. The solutions are provided for residential areas, for commercial projects, as well as  for industrial constructions. Makroplast products include: cellular polycarbonate plates, compact polycarbonate plates, modular polycarbonate plates, folded polycarbonate plates, smoke hatches and ventilation, combined roof lights, entrance sunshades, with or without lateral protection panels.


Parkomatic – division specialized in systems for parking lots: “on-street” parking meters, automatic systems for parking lots with “off-street” barrier. All solutions are modular, and the company portfolio includes small parking lots, as well as large ones, with over 300 spaces.

Tormed – is the division of Aluterm Group destined for the medical field. Tormed is the sole national distributor of automatic access systems and doors created for the medical field, capable to provide the innovation of international partners and the 20 years of experience of the engineers involved in this kind of projects, in Romania.


To celebrate our 20th anniversary, and to thank our collaborators, Aluterm Group has launched a contest, with prizes including Apple and Samsung tablets, a special prize for architects and daily prizes. The contest takes place in the period between the 15th of October – the 30th of December 2013. Full details on this contest can be found on the dedicated page –

[button link=””]Aluterm 20 years Contest[/button]

Prizes for the Aluterm 20 contest

About Aluterm Group

Since 1993, Aluterm Group provides solution for the constructions industry, validated through over 1500 projects, distinguished by an added value, due to including access ways automation, polycarbonate materials and hatches or intelligent parking lots.

BUCURESTI – Sos. Dudesti-Pantelimon 42, incinta RAMS Business Park Telephone/Fax: 021-6272300

CLUJ – Str. Traian Vuia nr. 208 Telephone/Fax: +40 26 427 4014

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